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When is the Dengue-end in Bangkok?

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Hi all,

Here's a research I found on the internet.

We are planning a trip to Bangkok/Chiang Mai end October/beginning November, we have 3 children (7,5,4 at that time). It seems that October is a rainy season whilst November much less already. I imagine though this will be a high season for Dengue in both places and I am reading that this years dengue is declared epidemic in Thailand, which makes me reconsider the trip alltogether. At the same time I am not finding much info on Dengue on this forum, people just plan their holidays. Am I obsessed with Dengue and in reality millions of people go to Thailand for holidays and they come back home just fine, or is it a real problem? Would there be any other part of Thailand more recommendable end October/beg Nov for this rain/Dengue reason? I understand one can use repellant, cover etc Many thanks in advance!

Do you agree?

Thanks for any help.


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